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CSLKN Scholarship Program

Scholarship Winner - Mary Ana Smith

Mary Ana has participated musically in multiple arenas from her local school to county levels and church involvement. While continuing to enjoy music, it was not until a music teacher encouraged Mary Ana to build confidence in her talent that she began to see the power that music has to change lives. From that point, the young teen watched as she saw music changing lives in her community.
Mary Ana saw the connectivity and influence that music can bring to people. Building on this newfound knowledge, she branched into arranging and conducting. Convinced of the power of music to influence, enhance, and change lives, Mary Ana began pursuing the goal of using music therapy to improve lives. She has already been exposed to this work in assisting in self-contained classrooms in high school.


2024 Community Singers of Lake Norman Scholarship for Musical Advancement

About the Committee

The goal of the scholarship:

Who is eligable:

How it works:

Charles Morrow- Co-Lead; Artistic Director of the Community Singers of Lake Norman

Melanie Kalkan- Co-Lead; Chorus Teacher at Mooresville High School

Linda Martinson/Linda Holden- Treasurer of CSLKN, active singer

Kitty Soesbee- Retired educator of 34 years, active singer CSLKN

Emmanuel Deku- Real Estate Broker, leader in our community

To help our younger community in their futures in exploring the possibilities in the world of music.

A graduating student from Mooresville High School pursuing a degree in a music related field of study.

The Scholarship Committee (listed above) will select one (1) student at the conclusion of the school term. These students must complete the application and return by the 1st of May. The recipient will receive a scholarship in the amount of $500 toward educational costs.

Let's Get Learning

Choir Performing on Stage
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